2 up 2 down Flats

2 up 2 down Flats

2 up 2 down Flats

Are flats becoming the new 2-up 2-down?

Posted on October 31, 2012 by Aaron

Is there a shift happening between the way buyers and renters are looking at properties and the reasons they want them? It seems that the popularity of  flats is certainly on the rise for both renters and sellers compared to the popularity of 2-up 2-down traditional houses, but why is this?

It could be down to what is seen as a more modern way of living. 2 bedroom flats offering large open plan living spaces provide space for entertaining, social occasions and also allow areas to be sectioned off by sofas, tables etc whereas a 2-up 2-down house offers more floor space, but with the rooms separated off the kitchen, lounge and dining room are all closed rooms allowing for little socialising between rooms without moving between them. However a 2-up 2-down property does offer you the opportunity to expand up, out and back to allow growth within a family and you can turn into into a family home for a long time.

Is a family home the ‘in’ thing currently? Probably not! As we are in the ‘rented’ generation I  believe families are being started later in life as couples are settling down later after enjoying their younger years for longer, it is taking longer and longer for people to move out of home and especially harder to buy properties for first timers. All the above factors point towards flats being in a much greater demand. And this has been seen by many developers over recent years and we have seen a huge amount of blocks of flats being built in our area with modern fixtures and fittings, large open plan living areas and many with split level living to still allow for that house feel within the block.

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