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Council tax – What will it cost you?

Council tax is divided into eight property bands designated A to H. The bands are related to the value of property in which you live. This valuation is based on property prices in 1991, but there is a commitment from the government to update these valuations. It is based on the concept that a household will normally consist of two adults. Half of the charge relates to the property itself and the other half relates to the occupiers. Your total bill is made up of different elements from the county council, your district or borough council, the Police Authority, the Fire Authority and, in some cases, town or parish councils depending on where you live. Every year these organisations calculate the total budget they will require to run their services. With the exception of parish councils, each is given a sum of money from central government, but they have to find the shortfall between this and their budget needs by raising what we know as the council tax.

Council tax cost