Gas Safety For Landlords

Gas Safety For Landlords

Gas Safety for Landlords – what do you need to know?

Posted on May 14, 2012 by admin

Everyone has heard the horror stories of gas leaks, explosions and child deaths and I am sure you are keen to ensure this type of article does not have your name as landlord. So what do you need to know and how can you reduce the chances of this happening?

Simply, as a landlord you have to comply with safety regulations by holding a valid Gas Safety Certificate completed by a GasSafe registered engineer. This certificate should be carried out a yearly basis as each certificate will only last for one year, after that year the certificate becomes invalid and should there be a problem with the boiler, or other gas appliances, and it becomes unsafe you are left very liable for any circumstance that could happen. It could just be a small broken part that leads to the appliance not working, but it could just as easily be a slow leak that one day ignites with fatal consequences.

If you are unsure of your date of renewal for you Gas Safety Certificate the engineer that conducted you certificate will have a record and also your competent residential letting agent should also have this date diarised and, especially if you are under the full management or rent collection umbrella, they should be in contact with you prior to when it is due to remind you.

What more do you need to know? Why not check out HSE’s website where you will find much more information about your responsibilities as a landlord and also the responsibilities of the agent and engineer.

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