Legal Advice for Landlords

Legal Advice for Landlords

Can you afford for your tenant not to pay their rent?

It is not a surprise to hear that across the country there are more and more evictions taking place than ever before, there are more and more tenants getting into financial difficulties and struggling to pay their rent. So what would you do if your tenant stopped paying? Is your rent still covered? Can you afford to evict them through the courts? Need a company that can provide the best legal advice for tenants and landlords?

With Gordon Barker Lettings’ rent guarantee policy the risk of non-payment can be severely reduced and the protection to a landlord can be almost 100% as subject to references gained on a tenant when they move into the property you can be eligible for a policy that could:

Legal Advice For Landlords

Cover the total monthly rent;

  • Pay rent for up to 6 months following non-payment from tenant
  • Cover legal expense of up to £50,000 to cover eviction costs
  • Cover other tenancy breaches other than non-payment of rent
  • Pay up to 50% of rent for up to 2 months following the eviction of the tenant
  • The standard policy is subject to an excess, but there is also an upgraded policy that is also available with nil excess to pay
  • Of course the product is subject to terms and conditions and availability

So the question is can you afford for a tenant not to pay? Are you aware of what notice you need to serve, when you need to serve it, how you need to serve it and the implications of the different types of possession procedures?

Gordon Barker Residential Lettings and their network of professionals can aid you, as a landlord, with all of the above. Offered both within our managed packages and within our stand alone services you, as landlord, can be as protected as possible going into your lettings journey. So look to us when in need of legal advice for landlords

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