Pets In Rental Properties

Pets In Rental Properties

Pets in rental properties? Good idea or bad idea?

Posted on June 8, 2012 by admin

It is seen that a pet in a property is a bad idea and there are huge number of properties in the local area that do not allow pets and will stay empty purely because of this…so what can a landlord or an agent do to safeguard against the pitfalls of allowing pets into a rental property?

We believe that a pet is only as good as its owner, so full referencing of the owners is just as vital as anything else in this situation. Has the owner rented previously with the pet? If the owner is currently renting a property and the pet is with them there then make reference to that in the references undertaken to ensure the current or previous landlord’s comments on the owner having the pet at the property.

There are 2 further instruments at your disposal as a Landlord or an agent, the deposit and the tenancy agreement. Ensure that the tenancy agreement includes a clause stating that if the property has been rented to a tenant with a pet then the tenant has obtained written consent from the landlord or agent that the pet is allowed at the property and also a clause that states that if a pet was present at the property then the property is to be cleaned to a professional standard prior to the end of the tenancy and a carpet cleaning receipt is kept for evidence of this. A full professional clean, including carpets, should lower and almost eradicate the risk of any unwanted ‘presents’ or ‘friends’ being left at the property following the vacation of the tenant and the pet.

If you have any questions or comments regarding renting to tenants with pets call us now or leave your comments below…

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