Preparing to Let Your Property

Preparing to Let Your Property

Preparing to let your property…what can you do??

Posted on June 26, 2013 by Aaron

Here at Gordon Barker Residential Lettings we believe that a successful let begins with preparation; as Landlord there are variables that you need to be aware of that can directly affect the success of your let. Below is a simple guide to some of these options:

A property can be let either furnished or unfurnished as a rule; with a hybrid of the 2 categories being a situation that can be discussed between the parties involved. As an unfurnished let, the landlord would be expected to supply floor coverings and general fixtures and fittings that include light bulbs, lampshades, fitted bath, toilet and cistern, sinks, cooker etc. White goods for the kitchen can be supplied in either the furnished or unfurnished category; the need for white goods to be present at the property can be determined by your requirements as landlord or the needs of the tenant. We believe that flexibility is a key factor in this instance.

If a property is to be let furnished then the landlord is expected to supply all kitchen appliances (including microwave, kettle and toaster), lounge and bedroom furniture and can sometimes mean the smaller things such as cutlery, pots and pans and cleaning equipment.

Your legal rights are not affected by whether you the let the property furnished or unfurnished but you must be aware that anything left at the property for use by the tenant will be used on a regular basis and will be subject to general wear and tear.

It is expected that the very minimum of a cooker is supplied for any let. Any other appliances at the property on top of that should be left in full working order with instruction manuals. Electrical testing would be beneficial but not compulsory.

Central Heating
A property must be let with some form of space heating to allow a tenant to regulate temperature in the property; whether this be oil heating, electric panel or storage heaters, or the most common, gas central heating, the system must again be in full working order. We would always recommend that it be fully serviced on a regular basis. With gas heating there is a legal requirement of holding a current landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate.

Window Covers
Curtains and blinds are not essential to be at a property for a tenant but it is advised to supply some kind of window covering; i.e. net curtains at the very least. It is expected that if there are not curtains or blinds at the property then a tenant will install them at their own expense but that will generally involve works being carried out by the Tenant(s) on the walls/window alcoves. If you would rather this work be carried out by you or your own contractor or a professional then it is advised to install curtains/blinds for a tenant prior to them moving in.

We recommend that your property is professionally cleaned prior to any let and would recommend that you retain this receipt. This will ensure the property is handed to the tenant in the best possible condition. We believe that one of the determining factors in how clean a property is given back to a Landlord at the end of the tenancy is how clean the property was given to the Tenant at the beginning; handing over a clean property will show the tenant how you wish the property to be handed back.

We would ask that the gardens at your property be passed to the tenant in good condition and advise that you supply general gardening equipment for the tenant in order for them to be able to keep the garden to that standard.

All mail should be redirected to your new address or home address. Arrangements can be made with the post office for this. Please also contact your bank and any other organisation that sends you regular mail to inform them of your new residence should this be necessary.

Further information on preparation for letting your property, safety regulations and more can be found in our Landlord Information pack. Please contact the office on 01202292400 or [email protected] for more details

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