Property owners in Ferndown

Property owners in Ferndown

While we were arranging a visit to Ferndown for an event, we began wondering about how exactly Ferndown properties have performed over the past few years.

Statistics from Rightmove show us that the average price of any house sold in Ferndown in November 2014 was £299,960. This had risen to £335,870 by October 2016. This means that an average price for a BH22 property has risen 12% in only two years. When investigating this further, we found that the increase has been steady for the duration of that time period with only the exception of a few larger properties being sold as one-offs.

A similar increase can be found on Zoopla which shows the average BH22 house price in 2014 being approximately £300,000 and the anticipated BH22 house price in 2017 valuing at approximately £350,000. This means a staggering 16% increase over the course of only three years which makes Ferndown a very high performing area. What has this been caused by?

Ongoing improvements

Ferndown is one of those areas that seems to be improving yearly in every measurable aspect. New properties, blocks and developments are constantly being built. When visiting the area, you can constantly see new roofs, cladding and refurbishment projects which means that homeowners and occupants are increasing the area’s property value themselves.

Some of the new exciting developments in Ferndown include an M&S food hall and a high street coffee shop chain opening alongside the large Sainsbury’s and Tesco supermarkets. This means local residents will no longer need to travel to other areas for essential food shopping or an excellent cup of coffee.

Good schools

Ferndown schools rank highly with Ofsted as confirmed below:

  • Good rank for Ferndown First
  • Good rank for Parley First
  • Outstanding rank for Hampreston First
  • Good rank for Ferndown Upper

Ferndown’s GCSE and A-Level results are believed to be on par if not above with local rivals such as Cranborne and Wimborne. With the opening of the long awaited Parkfield school in Hurn, the school competition will be pushed even further.

When young families are considering an area to move to and buy property in, good schools are always one of the top priorities. Combining the excellence of local education facilities as outlined above with the great shopping and industrial opportunities makes Ferndown an excellent choice for living and buying in.

Rental properties

All the reasons above apply when considering a rental property in Ferndown. Regardless of the size and shape of your household, Ferndown offers great facilities, easy access in and out of Hampshire. It is also only 2 hours away from Central London.

One can’t talk about Ferndown without mentioning the amazing Ferndown Golf Club and the stunning homes on Golf Links Road that are an increasing attraction for new residents moving into the area. We will continue to showcase areas around Bournemouth on our blog so keep checking back for more.

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