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For residential sales in Bournemouth or buying a property virtual, Gordon Barker are your go to agents. Do you currently live in Bournemouth? Or perhaps you live elsewhere in Dorset or further afield. Whether you’re looking to move to Bournemouth or simply wish to find somewhere nicer, bigger, smaller, etc., rest assured that our team of estate agents has you covered. From single bedroom flats to houses with multiple bedrooms and everything else in between, we have a variety of options to suit all preferences and budgets. 

We have properties in a variety of locations. So, whether you fancy living by the coast, in the heart of town, out in the suburbs, or in the countryside, we have you covered. We’re an award-winning Bournemouth property agency with an excellent history of facilitating property sales and purchases throughout Dorset. 

We’ll provide you with an honest and professional service, acting as your guide from start to finish. Thanks to our excellent portfolio of properties, you’re sure to find a few that match your criteria perfectly. And we’ll do whatever we can to help you secure your forever dream home. 

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail with one of our helpful online estate agent Bournemouth customers need only call Gordon Barker on 01202 292400. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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Welcome to Gordon Barker! Regardless of whether you’re looking for an ideal property for your family or a brand-new investment opportunity, we are the company to choose to find it for you. This is because we specialise in the most dynamic property sales Bournemouth has ever seen. 

The buying and selling process can be exciting, but it can also be an incredibly daunting experience, especially if you’ve never bought or sold a place before. There are so many hidden hurdles that can leave you flat on your face if you’re not careful. And it can be easy to get bogged down with property sales that can take weeks or even months to resolve. 

All the while, you might be left dealing with low-ball offers, flimsy property chains, unreliable sellers/ buyers, escalating fees, and a feeling of dread that the whole ordeal will never end. The good news is that when you turn to Gordon Barker, our online estate agents Bournemouth will provide you with the complete peace of mind you deserve. 

Our property sales team has years of experience handling the buying and selling of property throughout Bournemouth and beyond. From flats to bungalows and houses, our portfolio comprises a range of options, with new ones appearing weekly. Whether you’re looking to move out to the suburbs, retire to the countryside or soak up the town-life, you’ll find what you’re looking for.  

It’s true that there are a variety of different factors to be considered when you’re choosing the people that are going to handle your residential sales Bournemouth customers. Gordon Barker has many years of experience, and we are true experts in the industry. 

The Gordon Barker team will be able to offer you professional, helpful advice on all important considerations. This includes location, future growth in the area, and the return on investment. You can rely on our impartial, professional advice that always puts your interests first. 

We’ll never attempt to coerce you into a decision, always providing you with the facts you need to make an informed decision. You’ll receive advice and suggestions from us, and we’ll do our best to help guide you through all the nitty-gritty often associated with property sales. 

Once you’ve purchased your first property with Gordon Barker, you’ll wonder why you were ever worried in the first place and why you didn’t call email us sooner. 

To learn more about our property sales service, Bournemouth customers, keep reading or give our Dorset estate agents a call today.

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The residential sales process, Bournemouth customers, can be broken down into two sections: sellers and buyers. 


Those looking for help with the sale of a property will find that our Dorset property sales service is the best around, built on professionalism and honesty. We’ll value and market your home and progress the sale to the point of completion, handling every small detail along the way. 

You’ll always be able to speak with a member of our dedicated property sales team; any time you have a question or concern, just give us a call, or drop us an email. 

Perhaps you’re looking to downsize, or maybe you need more space and have your eye on one of our spacious houses. Maybe you’re tired of living in the middle of town and fancy a move to the country. Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of living by the sea. Whatever the reasons, our modern approach to selling properties provides a level of versatility that’s unmatched. 

Through Gordon Barker, you have access to bespoke marketing and tailored sales packages with the intention of delivering the outcome you desire. 

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When selling any property in Dorset with Gordon Barker, you’ll have assurances that your property will be advertised 24-hours a day, 365 days a year through a number of channels. These include property-related websites, such as RightmoveOnTheMarket, and Zoopla, as well as our website and various social media platforms. 

Every Dorset property that we list has all the most current particulars, including precise measurements, along with high-definition images and a detailed description. These particulars serve as a guide, informing prospective buyers of what your Bournemouth price property has to offer. 


For our sellers, we assure you that we’ll only ever contact you with genuine buyers fully vetted by us. This ensures that you’re only ever contending with genuine, reasonable offers and that the buyers are fully committed and capable of making the purchase. 

We also conduct accompanied viewings, so nobody will ever be left walking around your Dorset home by themselves. You also won’t have to worry about showing anyone around. One of our Bournemouth estate agents will be on hand to answer any questions and ensure that the whole thing goes smoothly. 


Our quality property adverts Dorset sales team will guide the whole thing to completion, following up the sale from offer acceptance to completion. We’ll liaise with solicitors, buyers, sellers, and finance brokers, ensuring that all parties concerned are kept in the loop at every stage of the process. We ensure smooth sales progression, carrying out all duties with integrity and determination. 

Our goal is to ensure that at the conclusion of your Bournemouth property sale, everything has been handled with fairness and accuracy. 


We never push Bournemouth customers to sell their Dorset flats, houses, etc., if we deem it to be the wrong move for them. Our estate agents maintain excellent links with local service providers, including: 

  • Surveyors 
  • Mortgage Consultants 
  • Buildings and Grounds Contractors 
  • Maintenance Workers 

Our award-winning lettings department will engage with you regarding the process of valuation and marketing, move-in and management, and monthly statements of account all the way through to move-out and deposit return. If letting your property rather than selling it would be a better option, we’ll advise you accordingly. 

For more information, check out the vendors’ guide on our seller’s page, Bournemouth customers. Here, you’ll find information on subjects such as: 

  • Presenting Your Property to Market 
  • The Alternative to Selling 
  • Marketing and Advertising 
  • The Legal Bit 
  • Identifying the Buyer and Negotiating Price 

Home Buyers 

Whether you’re looking for one-bedroom flats or houses with four or five or more bedrooms, our Bournemouth estate agents are here to help. 

Choosing where to live is easily the most important decision you’ll make. Make the wrong decision, and you could find yourself living in an area you quickly fall out of love with that doesn’t provide what you need or comes with an unsavoury element. The good news is that our quality lettings Dorset team possess a sound knowledge of Bournemouth. 

We can leverage this experience to inform you of the pros and cons of living in each area and use the information you provide us to give you helpful recommendations. 

Buying to Redecorate house, Remodel or Rebuild 

There are two types of buyers – those who just want to buy and those looking for properties that they can mould into something more.  

Perhaps you’re inclined towards buying with the goal of redecorating, refurbishing, or even demolishing and rebuilding the property entirely. If that is indeed your goal, our Bournemouth estate agents can put you in touch with local tradesmen that can help you reach your goal. For instance, maybe you love the property but hate the kitchen. 

Or maybe you’d like to expand the living space, repurpose the loft, or perhaps you want to start again with a blank slate. Whatever the case may be, if you’d rather not go it alone, let us know, and we’ll connect you with the right people in Bournemouth. 

Whether you’re looking to purchase a ‘Buy to Let’, land for new homes, or land for a property to quickly flip around, you’ll find that our experience and expertise make us the perfect team to guide you. We’ll talk you through the process and discuss the best options to help you achieve your goals. 

And if you decide to let the property once purchased, we offer a range of lettings services, from basic rent collection to tenant sourcing and a complete property management package. 

Our Network of Trusted Service Providers 

Here at Gordon Barker, we’re immensely proud of the excellent network of property-related and non-property-related connections we’ve forged here in Bournemouth. 

We have personal and professional relationships with some of the most reputable service providers Dorset letting agents have to offer. In our mission to deliver great service, we’d be happy to introduce you to these individuals – together, we seek to provide you with the most comprehensive service available. 

From conveyancing solicitors to mortgage brokers, will writers, and builders, our trusted connections make hiring our Bournemouth estate agents the logical choice. 

We fill a diverse role that’s constantly changing and reshaping to fit our Dorset customers’ requirements. Any help, introduction, or advice we can offer our buyers, trust that we will. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, so call us now to find out more. 


You might have lived in your current Bournemouth property for years now, and likely you’ve never looked into how much it’s actually worth. With market prices climbing year-on-year, your Dorset property is likely worth a lot more than what you originally paid for it. This is especially true if you’ve made any sort of improvements or carried out repairs or renovations. 

If you’re looking to sell your Bournemouth home, you’ll need to have it valued so you know what sort of price to list it for. This ensures that you don’t end up asking too much or too little, which can leave you out of pocket or hanging while your home languishes on the property market. 

And if you’ve only lived in your home a short time, having it valued is a good way to show whether it’s worth selling or waiting a while longer. A valuation will ultimately show you how much you stand to gain from a property sale. Unfortunately, some valuation services cost money. 

The good news is that when you speak to Gordon Barker, our Bournemouth estate agents will waste no time in informing you of our FREE valuation service. Not only is the service entirely free of charge, but there’s zero obligation on your part to commit to selling your Bournemouth home build. If you just seek a conversation and nothing more, we’ll carry out the valuation, tell you what your property is worth, then leave you to it. 

Green Road

Please note that if you wait between having your home valued and selling it, you’ll need to have it valued again. This is because the price of your home may change slightly, by a huge amount, or not at all. In any case, you want to proceed with the most current market value. 

With Gordon Barker, you’ll receive a FREE online property valuation Bournemouth in just 60 seconds! This is a good way to get a feel for your property’s value. If you wish to book a more in-depth valuation, you can do so if you proceed with selling your home. All we require from you are a few details, such as: 

  • Address and Post Code 
  • Original Purchase Price 
  • Number of Bedrooms 
  • Date of Original Purchase 
  • Age of the Property 
  • Location 

We’ll return with a ‘ballpark’ estimate on your property’s value, along with detailed information about the prices other properties have sold for in your area. 


When it comes to selling your Bournemouth property, you want to be sure that you’re partnering with the best estate agents Dorset has to offer. From one-bedroom flats to four or five-bedroom houses, our Bournemouth estate agents have acted as a guide for property owners for many years.  

Our commitment to the honest sale and purchase of Dorset properties has earned us the recognition of various organisations. These organisations include ARLA, The View Property Ombudsman, the NFOPP, and the Trading Standards. 


Propertymark was launched back in 2017 and currently comprises five different associations, including ARLA. The purpose of Propertymark is to promote the highest industry standards, ensuring that all members are providing the best possible service, acting as guides to people looking to buy and sell properties. Propertymark is a guarantee that our Bournemouth estate agents are professionals equipped to provide you with up-to-date advice and guidance. 

Green Road, Bournemouth, Dorset


Founded in 1990, The Property Ombudsman scheme is designed to provide consumers and property agents with an alternative dispute resolution service. TPO is an independent not-for-profit company that acts on behalf of all concerned parties to reach a full and final settlement in all disputes. Because we’re represented by TPO, you can trust that while dealing with us, you’ll be treated fairly, and your consumer rights will be fully protected. 


The NFOPP has been operating as an approved and regulated awarding body since 2002. Estate agents such as Gordon Barker can obtain specialist qualifications in property and property-affiliated disciplines from the NFOPP. The NFOPP draws from a range of experienced property industry practitioners and academics to provide a comprehensive service. 

They ensure that all qualifications address the National Occupational Standards. In addition, they work closely with professional membership bodies, ensuring that their qualifications keep pace with the ever-changing industry. 


Companies like ours that display the ‘TSI Approved Code’ logo demonstrate that they have agreed to provide good standards of service. This includes the provision of clear information before a contract is signed and a clear and effective complaints procedure. In short, the ‘TSI Approved Code’ status provides consumers with complete peace of mind. 


Here at Gordon Barker, we recognise that not everyone is looking to buy or sell a property in Bournemouth, Dorset. To that end, we offer other services, most notably our specialist residential lettings service. From one-bedroom flats to four or five-bedroom houses, from urban pads to countryside homes, we’re the Bournemouth team to call if you’re looking to rent or let. 


When Gordon Barker first opened its doors many moons ago, our initial focus was on specialist residential lettings. We continue to uphold this tradition to this day, and while our services have since expanded to include property sales, Bournemouth customers still flock to us for our first-class letting services. 


If you’re looking for a place to rent, we encourage you to reach out to our Bournemouth letting agents, who will guide you through the whole process. They’ll ensure that you receive a stress-free experience, whether you’re renting for the first time or not.  

Christchurch Road, Dorset

We have a wide range of properties to let with new options being regularly added. You’ll find flats, bungalows, and even houses spanning rural, urban, and suburban locations. We have options to suit all requirements and budgets, and each property comes with up-to-date particulars and images. Just come to us with your requirements, and we’ll put together a list of suitable properties in and around the Bournemouth area that we feel are appropriate. 

As a company, our Bournemouth letting agent is a member of ARLA Propertymark and the Propertymark Client Money Protection (CMP) scheme. We’re also members of the Property Redress Scheme (PRS), so you can trust that you’re in safe and capable hands. 


Our landlords all receive a professional service tailored to their requirements. With our assistance, you can let your Bournemouth property, taking full advantage of our comprehensive marketing and tenant vetting services. 

We also offer optional rent guarantee and eviction protection policies, subject to terms and conditions. And the best part is that you can cherry-pick the level of service you require. 

We’re official members of the Association of Residential Lettings (ARLA) and provide the highest standards, ensuring that our Dorset clients’ assets are looked after and protected. Thanks to our complementary ‘Lettings Appraisal’ service, we’ll make sure that you’re receiving the correct level of rent for the property and location.  

We also strive to market and let your Bournemouth property as quickly as possible through 24/7/365 marketing across multiple platforms. And we’ll always endeavour to find the right tenants assuring you of complete peace of mind. 


If you’d rather be completely hands-off and enjoy all the perks of being a landlord without any of the day-to-day responsibilities, then our ‘Full Management’ service is for you. We take care of all the legal aspects of tenant sourcing and oversee the management of the property, so you’re free to put your feet up and enjoy life. 

Through our ‘Full Management’ service, we handle the following: 

  • Tenant Sourcing 
  • Rent and Deposit Collection 
  • Tenancy Agreements 
  • Arranging Repairs/ Maintenance Through Trusted Contractors 
  • Conducting Regular Property Inspections 
  • Provision of Monthly Accounting Statements 


If you’d prefer to handle the management of the property yourself but would rather that we still handled tenant sourcing, then we’re happy to oblige. We’ll find and vet a suitable tenant on your behalf utilising the advertising and marketing that we have access to, along with your preferences. 

Our Bournemouth letting agency will guide you through the process, providing advice on compliance matters so you know what your responsibilities are. 

Once the tenant moves into your Bournemouth letting, you’ll be left to manage the property. We’ll still provide assistance with property marketing, tenant sourcing, referencing, tenancy agreements, and first rent and deposit collection. And we’ll provide both of you with an extensive move-in pack with plenty of useful information and guidance. 


If you’d like a little more support from us, our ‘Rent Collection’ service bundles ongoing rent collection with tenant sourcing. This saves you the headache of chasing tenants for rent, provides a firewall in the event of a dispute, and ensures that you receive your rent on time. 


The Bournemouth residential property sales experts at Gordon Barker will offer you a quality service that is personal and tailored to your unique situation, whatever it may be. You can expect our advice to be honest and helpful, regardless of which type of property type and service you require. 

While in this article we’ve largely focused on the efforts of our Dorset estate agents to guide property sales in Bournemouth, we by no means only cover this one area. Obviously, besides the number of bedrooms, age, size, and proximity to amenities, location is a significant factor too.  

Many of the property owners/ prospective property owners who contact us aren’t looking to live in Bournemouth. The good news is that they can still benefit from our great service. 

Park Avenue, Bournemouth


We’ve been assisting individuals with property sales in Bournemouth, Dorset, for many years now. Our estate agents are more than capable of guiding you to your forever home, whether you’re looking for flats or houses. But don’t just take our word for it, though; check out our testimonials to see what other Dorset customers have said about us. 


At Gordon Barker, we boast an ever-changing, ever-expanding of properties to rent and buy in Bournemouth and the wider Dorset area. From small apartment with a single bedroom to houses with enough bedrooms to support a family, whatever your requirements, we’ve got you covered.  

Come to us with your preferences and needs, and we’ll guide you to the right Bournemouth properties. To see what properties we have currently available, navigate to the relevant sections on our easily navigable website. 

While we are known for our property sales, Bournemouth residents, we work all over Dorset. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are also open to the possibility of buying a home in: 

You’ll find a more comprehensive list of locations that we cover on our website. If the location you’re looking to move to or currently live in has not been listed, just give us a call. We’ll let you know whether we’re able to provide property services in your location. 


Gordon Barker takes a modern approach to property management that, combined with our traditional values, creates a unique service unlike any other. You’re in safe hands when you choose us to find your ideal flat or house from amongst the current residential properties available in Bournemouth. 

We’re an independently owned, family-run company that started as a specialist lettings agency. However, as time progressed and demand increased, we expanded our services to cater for the sale of flats, bungalows, houses, etc., in Bournemouth and the wider Dorset area.  If your looking to move to the Bournemouth area, our expects could give you a Bournemouth guide of the best places to find your home.

Thanks to our modern approach to buying and selling backed by our traditional values and wide geographical reach, we’re able to offer Bournemouth customers the best property services possible. Whether you’re looking to relocate to the countryside or find houses in the town centre, you can trust our Dorset team to guide you through the entire process. 

We recommend that you browse through the rest of our easily navigable website for more information to see why we’re the number one choice for residential property sales, Bournemouth customers. You can see all our available properties to see exactly what’s for sale at the moment. 

If you’re only doing some initial research and aren’t ready to buy just yet, you’re welcome to follow our blog for regular updates and interesting posts about residential property sales, Bournemouth customers. You are encouraged to get in touch with our friendly team to book a viewing as soon as the right property pops up. 

You can also meet the team and browse through our dedicated page of testimonials to read the feedback we have received over the years from happy customers. In fact, we get a lot of new business through referrals and recommendations now, which makes us very proud. 


Whether you’re looking to move to sunny Bournemouth, or you already live here but are looking to up or downsize, for all your property buying and selling needs, you know who to call. Gordon Barker is the leading letting and estate agents in Bournemouth with an excellent track record that stretches back years. If you’re looking for a company that offers an honest, stress-free approach to buying and selling, you’ve come to the right place. 

Whether you’re after a flat with a single bedroom, a house with four or five bedrooms, or something larger still, our property experts have you covered. All you have to do is give us your min beds or max beds requirements and we’ll do our best to help you find your perfect place whilst giving you the best property tips. We can handle the sale of your existing property, too, ensuring a rapid-fast turnaround. We’ll be your guide from start to finish, providing you with the advice and assistance you need to complete the sale and purchase of your current and next properties. 

So, what steps should you take to get the ball rolling, Bournemouth customers? If you’d like to speak directly to a member of our friendly team, you can phone our estate agents on 01202 292400. Alternatively, you can contact our property sales team by either filling out our online contact form or emailing We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.