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Rightmove Reports reports say rents to increase by circa 2% in 2013

Posted on December 7, 2012 by Aaron

The news of rents being set to rise an average of 2% in 2013, according to Rightmove, is being widely accepted but we feel that the figures do not necessarily provide an accurate picture of our local community, especially looked back in 2012. We believe hotspot areas such as London will bear the brunt of this increase and have done for some time but it has to be said that in some cases, popular property types in the local area will see this rise, and in some cases a much higher rise.

All landlords should be increasingly mindful of tenants’ ability to meet rising rental demands in the current economic climate, heightening risk of arrears and void periods. So far, more than a fifth of current tenants pays 50% or more of their take-home pay on rent. Raising rents, and especially raising them too far could put the property out of reach of most tenants and could render the property empty for some time.

At Gordon Barker we believe that squeezing tenants too far on rental prices can lead to many problems and would urge that great thought is put into deciding how to approach your renewal. Take more factors into account than just the rent they will pay, every situation needs to be looked at individually in order for a landlord to get the best return on their investment. This should include factors such as the longevity of the tenancy, the avoidance of void periods and the quality of tenant based on their previous references.

A good tenant, although paying slightly less rent, can return a much high ROI due to less maintenance, more regular rent payment and a longer tenancy period meaning little/no void periods and much less money lost. a bad tenant, who could be paying a higher rate, will cost more in the long run with maintenance problems, non payment of rent and also a high turnover of tenants is always much more expensive for a landlord.

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