Traditional Values, Modern Approach

To our Sellers, we will give a professional and honest service when we value, market and progress your sale.

Our dedicated sales team work with you from the outset, all the way through to completion so there is always a team member at the end of the phone or email for you.

Whether it be your family home, a tenanted property or you just fancy a change of scenery; our modern approach to selling property offers you great versatility, bespoke marketing and tailored sales packages to achieve the desired result for you.

We are your local, friendly estate agent…

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Our modern, direct approach sees your property advertised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on a number of property related websites including Rightmove, OnTheMarket, our own website, and various social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Our adverts offer honest descriptions, honest measurements and honest photography, giving your property the best chance to sell to the right buyer.

Genuine Buyers and Viewings

To our Sellers, we will give professional and honest service when we value, market, and progress your sale. Whether it be your family home, a tenanted property, or you just fancy a change; our modern approach to selling property allows us to be able to help you sell your property. We are your local, friendly estate agent…

Sales Progression

Our team will follow up the sale from offer acceptance to completion. This includes liaising regularly with solicitors, finance brokers, buyers, and sellers to ensure all parties are kept up to date and communicated with at every step. Every task is undertaken with integrity and determination to ensure an accurate, fair, and successful result.

Additional Services and Links

If it transpires that selling is not your best option, then instructing Gordon Barker to let your property is a great choice for you. Our award winning lettings department will walk you through the whole process from valuation and marketing, move in and management and monthly statements of account all the way through to move out and deposit return. Our lettings team have substantial and trusted links with local service providers, including mortgage consultants, surveyors, buildings and grounds contractors and maintenance men to get everything done under one roof for you. This ensures that any demand could be facilitated by a trusted, local expert.

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Vendors Guide

Visiting You and Your Market Appraisal

We will spend as much time as you need with you, your home, (or investment property), ensuring that we are completely familiar with your house, all it has to offer and to understand why you bought it, so we can ensure we impart this reason onto a buyer.

We will use extensive research to advise and agree, with you, the best asking price for your property. We have access to historic and recent sales data on a street by street and village by village basis, so we can discuss the actual sale prices of similar properties, and compare asking price with final sale prices.

Upon this meeting, and other conversations with you, we will aim to learn what you have done to improve the property, what makes your property stand out from the rest, and why a buyer should buy it.

We will also aim to learn why you are thinking of moving, so that we can tailor our service to your needs. We work with our clients to agree on the most appropriate asking price as there are various marketing approaches that we can take to generate the maximum number of viewers for you.

Presenting your Property to Market

We are experts at presentation; will need to take at least a dozen photos of your home to show it in its best light. Research shows that the combination of the advertised price and good photography will maximise the interest in your property. Each set of details we produce will include an accurate floor plan and will be listed on a host of sites including and also a number of social media outlets for added exposure.

Feedback from both Marketing and Viewings

We examine our online statistics and office activity weekly, and report back to you on a regular basis, to keep you up to date with the progress of your property. We follow up viewings, and give you honest feedback as soon as we get it and will react instantly following any authorisation and alter our marketing approach, where necessary.

Feedback should not be taken personally; it is the opinion of one viewer or the analysis of statistic. It can sometimes not be exactly what you wanted to hear, but honesty is always the best policy.

Buyers and Viewings at your Property

With a regularly updated database of buyers’ actively looking to buy, pre-marketing calls and email are undertaken to give maximum exposure to a property both before and during it’s time being marketed.

Those looking for your property type will be first in line to view and will make up the first wave of viewers. All viewers are pre-checked by our office to ensure that no time is wasted with unwanted viewings. Thousands of potential buyers see our adverts weekly across all forms of media.

We can arrange viewings, and hold keys whilst you are at work or away. We will give you as much notice as possible, and ask that the house is left in the best condition for viewing. Alternatively, you may prefer to conduct the viewings yourself, but please do not enter into negotiations with buyers.

Marketing and Advertising

Our service is a unique mix of online marketing, high street presence, and personal service. At Gordon Barker, we are constantly re-examining the best ways to sell you property, and each property takes a unique approach. Online portals, e-marketing, detail production, and traditional press advertising along with editorials do provide the best mix for our clients.

We produce regular e-marketing and traditional marketing advertising across various media and our High Street offices provide an excellent showcase for your property to be seen by those closest to it. We also keep a regularly updated database of buyers actively looking to buy property in all areas.

Property details are signed off by you as a vendor prior to going live to ensure accuracy and to comply with legislation.

Identifying the Buyer and Negotiating the Price

Agreeing a sale price can be a very stressful time; listening to why someone has offered a certain price on your beloved home can be hard to hear but it is important to rationally listen to all sides and discuss a method to move forward where possible. This process can turn the most rational people into a stressful wreck, and our job is to be the sounding board for this process, offer our advice and analysis, and work with you to a successful end.

However, there are many elements to an offer which include working through the complicated details of chains, mortgage status of the buyer, agreeing deadlines, fixtures and fittings and, most importantly, the price which can sometimes be much more than you anticipated due to many factors. That’s why our staff are on hand to look at all options for you and guide you every step of the way.

Our well trained and experienced staff can manage the negotiation process to ensure we get the best possible outcome for our clients, guiding them every step of the way.

The Legal Bit

Most buyers and sellers use a solicitor or licenced conveyancer that they have used previously or have even been referred to by a friend / colleague / family member. The legal process has evolved over hundreds of years, and is very complicated in the modern day, which is why there are many organisations to choose from. Some very good, some unrealistically cheap, and some don’t quite live up to their marketing, which is why we are more than happy assist you with your choice of solicitor as we deal with many of them on a daily basis.

Sales Progression

Although at the beginning of your decision to move home the legal process is the last aspect on your mind, it is something to consider when you select your Agent as this is by far the most complex and challenging part of the house sale process. The majority of our time is spent during the sales progression process to ensure the sale moves along as smoothly as possible, speaking to all parties involved up and down the chain.

Draft contracts are discussed between solicitors, and they go into minute detail over every aspect; mistakes can be hugely expensive. At the same time, most buyers need to raise a mortgage, and this involves the lender, their surveyor, and legal team; often they will use the same solicitor to report on the title, and surety for the loan.

In any one sale or purchase, dozens of people are needed for input and answers to legitimate questions and they are scattered far and wide. It’s no wonder that the process from agreeing the sale to exchange of contracts takes 4-6 weeks.

During this time, the other properties in the chain are going through similar processes, with as many people involved, so the chances of everything going smoothly are not high!

Due to all this complication, at Gordon Barker, we are very protective of our clients when agreeing sales, and we closely follow the progress of sales, step by step, at all times.

Our instincts are to see when a sale is failing, and we take rapid and decisive steps to head off problems before they occur. That is one of the reasons our clients come back to us again and again when selling their homes.

What Can You Do to Be One Step Ahead?

It is very important to be aware of your financial position before moving forward with any sale, either as a buyer or a seller. If you currently have a mortgage, then it is advised to speak to your broker or bank to discuss any early redemption costs / penalties. If you do not currently have a whole-of-market broker, then we can of course put you in touch with a number of our contacts, who will be happy to help you with what is best for you.

Be sure to speak to your solicitor early so they are ready when you need them. Find out where your deeds are located and be sure to have any leases, covenants, or other paperwork available and accessible where you can. Again, if you do not have a solicitor in mind, we work with many local solicitors we can put you in touch with to discuss your requirements and situation.

The Alternative to Selling?

Sometimes, if speed is of the essence, it might suit you to let rather than sell. If you would like to explore the option of letting your home, our specialist lettings department advise you fully on the lettings process.

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