Tenant inspection – what to look for?

Tenant inspection – what to look for?

Tenant inspection – What to Look for?

When visiting a property, during a tenancy, it is very important the check condition and how a tenant is currently living, but it is also important to look forward and see maintenance problems or tenancy issues before they arise or catch them at the early stage. This should enable the issue to be resolved before it becomes expensive for all parties involved.

Ensuring your tenant is happy with property condition

If a landlord maintenance issue is repaired and attended to early then the problem can be fixed quickly with very little inconvenience to the tenant, and also can be fixed in a more cost effective manner for the landlord. Addressing any maintenance issues at an early stage also gives a tenant a great feeling about you as landlord and if you take care of your property, they will be more likely to care for it too.

Communication is key to a successful tenant relationship

During an inspection is it often simple to spot misuse of a property or actions by a tenant that will cause concern at the end of the tenancy. If these observations are discussed with the tenant when first spotted it can save all parties involved a huge amount of time and sometimes even costly repairs ever being needed at the end of the tenancy. On one of our regular property visits, we noticed a coat rack being hung over the top of a door, and when the door was closed it was causing damage to the door and the door frame. This was something that the tenant had not thought about and hadn’t realised it was causing any damage to the property. Once discussed, the tenant was able to move the coat rack, touch up the affected paint areas and no further damage was caused to the frame or the door. If this issue had not been addressed at this stage and left until the tenant moved out there would be much more work needed to rectify the damaged areas, and this could have been very costly for the tenant and would more than likely have been deducted from their deposit or caused a deposit dispute.

Periodic tenant inspections help keep your property in good condition

Periodic visits are vital to keeping a property in a good condition and must be taken seriously by any property manager or property management agent. At Gordon Barker Residential Lettings we conduct regular property visits on all of our managed property, and even offer this as a standalone service to Tenant Find clients.

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